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TrapMusic.NET June 2013 – Mixed by NAZA


With a long month of SoundCloud difficulties, we recognize that this mix might be a little “late”. However, it’s worth mentioning that regardless of timeliness, this is one hell of a good mix showing off some of the very best of TrapMusic.NET. Our very own NAZA has once again been unleashed upon the network, and as a result, we have for you the very best that money can buy…..for free!!

Free Download:
Track List:
1. The New Kings by Popeska ft. Luciana (Trap VIP) –…gs-by-popeska-ft

2. Laces by Vagas & Kill Cartel –

3. Whats That? by Tomsize and Simeon –…tomsize-x-sim-on

4. Yum by Tincup –

5. TOM CRUZ by Kowabunga Tyga ($yrup Remix) –

6. Aurora by Deon Custom (Subp Yao Remix) –…-custom-subp-yao

7. Po Some Mo Up by Baby E ft. Capo & Juicy J –

8. Alienz by DallasK (NYMZ Remix) –…llask-nymz-remix

9. Elbows Up by Them Lost Boys –…y-them-lost-boys

10. Holding Clouds by DOCO ft. Tiana (uAnimals Remix) – TrapMusic.NET Exclusive –

11. High Roller by Pegboard Nerds ft. Splitbreed –…y-pegboard-nerds

12. Hero by K Theory –

13. Phantom by SVPERIOR & Dirty Chocolate –

14. We’re Sorry by Tincup –

15. Black&White by Sound Trick –

16. Dress Code by Casket ft. KweSsion –

17. Dirty Money by Tincup & DarkxCheeto –

18. Menace by BeazyTymes & ZAV –

19. Focus by E-Cologyk (OG Status Remix) –…ologyk-og-status

20. Blood, Sweat and Tears by The Dot (MRK1 Remix) –…and-tears-by-the

21. Dressed To Impress by Grabbitz ft. Chae Hawk –…ress-by-grabbitz

22. Because I Love You by Rustep –…ve-you-by-rustep

23. Lil Haters by Icekream –

24. Shaman Juice by Run DMT –

25. America by Tincup –
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SC: @naza


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